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About Juice HR

Juice HR was founded in 2021 by husband and wife team Sarah Cundle and James Cundle.

Development of the idea

Juice HR came out of a need to simplify the HR processes in the organizations with which James and Sarah were involved. James was working on the human resource requirements of SOC2 compliance, while Sarah was remotely managing the HR needs of a team of over 30 employees.

They both wanted to reduce an overreliance on spreadsheets, look to automate standard tasks, and engage their respective employees in the HR process.

Having struggled to find something suitable on the market, James started to develop his own management tool. Sarah immediately recognized the benefits the software could have to business owners, and together they developed Juice HR into the product it is today.

About the founders

Sarah is a certified accountant and co-founder of Juice HR. With over 25 years of accounting and business experience, she has first-hand experience in running SMEs and the ongoing challenges they face. As an experienced CFO, her role and responsibilities have included managing HR requirements as well as finance.

James is a serial entrepreneur and technical co-founder of Juice HR. He is a security-led technical advisor with extensive management and software engineering experience. He has founded and co-founded businesses both in the US and the UK, including technical co-founder of Y-Combinator-backed Mio.

Juice HR is the third venture that James and Sarah have worked on together.

Designed with your business in mind

James and Sarah wanted Juice HR to be full of features and simple to use, both for employees and employers. It needed to simplify day-to-day HR operations and provide a cost-effective solution for organizations in the SME market. It was designed and built by business owners who understand what challenges other business owners face.

After the initial build, they worked with customers to ensure that the software improved workflows, reduced paperwork, and standardized processes. The results were increased efficiencies and increased employee engagement.

James and Sarah continuously improve and evolve Juice HR and are committed to ensuring that the key components of simplifying processes, improving efficiencies, and delivering cost-effective solutions remain at the heart of all future development.