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Small Business HR Software - How It Works

Juice HR provides your organization with a flexible, no-fuss HR tool.

We've built the important HR functions most small and medium size businesses need to manage their employees and contractors on a day-to-day basis

Juice HR is split into two parts: The Employers Dashboard and the Employee Hub.

Employers Dashboard

The Employers Dashboard is where the company administers staff day-to-day and provides a real-time overview of all HR activity along with any requests being made by the employee.

Each employee has a dedicated profile where their personal information is recorded. This includes their registered company email that they will use for accessing the employee hub.

The employees' profile includes information including their full name, email, and contact information. It will also record their join and leave dates, any probationary or visa periods, and when their last background checks and performance reviews were performed.

Optionally, Juice HR's powerful onboarding and offboarding tracking can be enabled, which will track when specific tasks or activities are completed by the employee.

To avoid unnecessary repetitive work by the HR manager, common Tasks, Shared Documents, and Shared Credentials can be assigned to the employee.

Another powerful feature is the concept of Roles. Roles allow for the logical grouping of tasks, documents, or similar and ensure all employees sharing the role will receive the same information.

Under the Employees Profile, additional features such as Inventory Assignment and Absence Tracking can be undertaken.

Employee Hub

The Employee Hub provides your employees and contractors with access to the information you provide them, along with the ability to provide documentation and feedback to the HR manager.

To streamline the employees' access to the Employee Hub, Juice HR does not require the employee to register with Juice HR using a username and password.

The Employee access the Employee Hub via a unique link issued to directly to them which can be requested via entering the email address on file or can be provided directly by the HR manager (e.g. by pasting in to Microsoft Teams Chat or a Slack DM).

Once in the Hub, Employees can access the information provided by the HR manager in the Employers Dashboard.

This may include Onboarding and Offboarding Tasks, downloading Documents or access Credentials securely.

Employees may also request vacation or record Absences which can be tracked and approved by the HR manager via their dashboard.

Discover the Juice HR Feature List

Feature Description
Employee Tracking Easy-to-use forms for entering all your staff information.
Employee Roles Role-based management controls for consistent resource allocation across your team.
Absence Tracking Employees can easily request vacation, sickness, and other types of absences via the Employee Hub.
Task Management Assign one-time or repeat tasks to any member of your team.
Document Sharing Upload and assign documents for review, signature, and feedback.
Credential Sharing Share passwords and other sensitive information securely.
Access Grants Keep track of the accounts, systems, and services you grant and revoke employee access to.
Inventory Tracking Keep track of assets, apply use constraints (such as encryption), and assign ownership.
Detailed Reporting Comprehensive reporting for all your employees. Track progress and ownership at any level.