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Why affordable HR software doesn't have to mean making compromises.

We built Juice HR to deliver a low-cost HR solution for small to medium-sized businesses.

We've kept costs low while providing the same features our more expensive competitors are offering.

Think of our software as an HR management tool that provides a framework to standardize HR processes, increase efficiencies, and improve the internal controls within your business.

Stay in control of your HR processes.

The Employer's Dashboard puts your HR managers in complete control. Here they can manage employee profiles, track onboarding, share documents, monitor absences, and monitor compliance all in one place.

Where required, the software will guide your employees through the onboarding tasks expected by your company. You can allocate tasks to individual employees, your entire workforce, or a specific sub-set through our powerful Roles feature.

Ongoing tasks such as training requirements and performance reviews can be configured to automatically renew to meet any company compliance deadlines.

Secure access to the Employee Hub.

By granting your employees access to their own personal Hub they can book absences, download and electronically sign documents, complete tasks, or undertake any other HR function you have assigned.

Providing access is easy. A unique one-click link sent via email or copy-and-paste via chat gives your employees immediate access. Employees can request their unique link at any time by simply entering their company email address kept on file.

Your HR team has no account logins to administer and no passwords to reset!

Juice HR provides an easy-to-use, online alternative to any paper-based system currently in place.

Modern and secure compliance features.

Through our built-in compliance features, you can track which systems employees have access to, ensure company documents are reviewed and signed, track inventory, and manage annual training requirements.

The extensive reporting functions provide the information needed to keep track of employees day-to-day, and also feedback summaries to senior management.

The audit trail, complete with time and date stamping, ensures compliance with any regulatory requirements specific to your organization.

Juice HR provides a low-cost, low-friction HR solution for your business.