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Juice HR has collated some of the more commonly asked questions in our FAQ sections below.

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What is Juice HR - Is it SasS HR Software?

I’m responsible for onboarding staff, where do I start?

I have an employee leaving, what should I do?

Does every employee need an email address?

How do my employees know what tasks are required?

How does an employee request vacation?

Can an employee gain access without a suplied link?

Notifications when employees request vacation days

How do I set reminders for birthdays and work anniversaries?


How do I set up a recurring task?


What's a shared vs private document?


Is it safe to send passwords through Juice HR?

What's a shared vs private credential?


How to tell which tasks have been completed by employees


Where is my data stored and processed?

Is my employee data safe stored in Juice HR?

How do the onboarding links work? Are they secure?

Documents vs Credentials Security Model


How much does Juice HR cost? Is it free?