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Human Resource Security

Whether you are looking for SOC 2 (Type 1 or Type 2) or ISO 27002 certification, or simply want to follow best practices, Juice HR can help your organization meet your human resource security requirements.

Our low friction onboarding tool simplifies the onboarding process for your employees as well as ensuring that your compliance requirements are met. Safe, secure, and fully trackable. Let us make compliant employee onboarding a breeze.

Access Rights

Our Grants feature allows you to document which systems you have granted your employees access to and documents when access was revoked.

Juice HR's Grant and Access Control Tracking

Define roles and responsibilities

Share roles and responsibility documents with your employees and have them acknowledge receipt with one click. The inbuilt audit trail will document when they accessed and acknowledged the document.

User credentials

Our industry standard encryption ensures user credentials are sent securely to individual employees. No end-user account sign up is needed.

Inventory Management

Manage and maintain a list of your company assets. Document who has access and ensure their return with our inventory management feature.


Provide your auditor with one straight-forward report to confirm your compliance with SOC2 and ISO27002 requirements. Human Resource Security Compliance delivered.

Juice HR's Shared and Private Document Sharing

Share Documents

Share employment contracts, NDA's, acceptable use policies with your employees securely. Acknowledge their agreement through our easy-to-use document signing process.