Affordable HR Software

HR software for $1 per user.

We built Juice HR for small and medium-sized businesses just like yours.

As owners and managers in small businesses, we knew exactly what features we needed to build to make our day-to-day Human Resource operations run more smoothly.

We picked the core features and bundled them into one simple-to-use software package.

No complex licensing, no hidden pricing, just a straightforward one dollar per user.*

Features Included as Standard

Employee Tracking

An easy-to-use interface for entering all your employee and contractor employment information.

Employee Roles

Role-based management controls for consistent HR management across all your employees.

Absence Tracking

Employees can easily request vacation, sickness, and other types of absences via the hub.

Task Management

Assign one-time or repeat tasks to any member of your team.

Document Sharing

Upload and assign documents for review, signature, and feedback.

Credential Sharing

Share passwords and other sensitive information simply and securely.

Access Grants

Keep track of the accounts, systems, and services you grant and revoke employee access to.

Inventory Tracking

Keep track of assets, apply use constraints (such as encryption), and assign ownership.

Detailed Reporting

Comprehensive reporting for all your employees. Track progress and ownership at any level.

Case Studies

"The Juice HR employee hub is great. One email link and my employees can manage all their HR activities in one place."

Avoid ad-hoc onboarding solutions, shared drives, spreadsheets and inconsistent HR software. Centralize your onboarding with Juice HR.

"Using the Juice HR Dashboard I can quickly see the status of all my employees. Being able to quickly approve absence requests is amazing!"

Track all your employee HR activity under one main dashboard. Create a repeatable and consistent experience for your employees and your company.

If would like a demonstration of what Juice HR can achieve for your company, please send us a message via our contact form:

* One dollar per user. Minimum purchase amount applies. Billed monthly in advance.