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Employee Tracking

Navigating the Employers Dashboard

Juice HR allows you to keep track of every employee and contractor within your company.

You can add as many employees as you wish based on your active Juice HR subscription.

Employee profiles include all the key information your will need for running your business, including contact details, employee roles, references, and allocations such as allocated vacation days.

Optionally each employee can have their onboarding and offboarding activity tracked and monitored, and any outstanding actions will be indicated on their profile.

Each employee can be assigned a Role within the company. Roles in turn may have tasks, grants, documents, and credentials assigned to them. It's then super simple to assign all these resources to individual employees. Assignments can be customized per employee at any time.

Employees can be assigned shared or personal Documents (such as an Employee Handbook) and also sensitive information under Credentials (such as passwords or access codes).

Inventory can be allocated to an owner and tracked, and any special requirements for owning that item (such as enabling hard drive encryption) can be stipulated.

Similarly, keeping track of the allocation of Access Grants allows you to see which systems the employee has been given access to (or revoked from).

Absences track both pre-booked and unexpected absences from the company, including Vacation, Personal days, and sickness.

Utilizing the Employee Hub

You have the option to grant each employee access to the Employee Hub via a unique web link.

Clicking this time-sensitive link allows the employee to retrieve assigned documents and credentials, review outstanding tasks, as well as request vacation or record absences.

The link can be sent to the employee using the main email address kept on file or can be copied and shared via any other medium such as Microsoft Teams Chat or Slack.

Juice HR's Employee Tracking List
Listing the Employees you have configured in Juice HR Employers Dashboard
Juice HR's Employee Summary
The Employee Profile Summary in the Juice HR Employers Dashboard
Juice HR's Employee Profile
Entering the Employee profile information in Juice HR Employers Dashboard
Juice HR's Employee Hub Summary
The Employee Hub on Juice HR