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Employee Tasks

Juice HR allows you to create tasks that the employee must complete.

If you wish, you can also assign an action that the company must complete as part of this employees task actvity. For example, providing a copy of the Employee Handbook could be a common Company task.

Tasks can be assigned both Onboarding and Offboarding actions, either of which can be optional or enforced.

Tasks can also repeat, with the optional frequency of every 'x' days, weeks, months or years.

Each employee may be assigned tasks individually, or the Task can be assigned to a specific Role.

Role assignment will ensure all new employees are assigned the same tasks for consitency.

Tasks assigned will appear under the Employee Hub and can be marked as complete by the employee when finished.

Juice HR's Employee Tasks
Viewing Employee Tasks in Juice HR Employers Dashboard
Juice HR's Employee Task summary
The Employee Task Summary in the Juice HR Employers Dashboard