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Employee Credentials

Juice HR allows you to upload or create Credentials that can be shared with your employees.

Credentials are senstive pieces of information that should only be accessible to the employee they are assigned to.

A Credential can either be uploaded as a file, or written using the inline editor for the employee to read online.

Juice HR encrypts every credential using a unique encryption key before it is stored.

Credentials can be assigned to Onboarding or Offboarding, and will contribute to the overall completion of that activity.

For each Credential, employees can be asked to acknowledge receipt of the Credential. If necessary, they can be asked to electronically sign receipt confirming it was download and read.

You can make Credentials 'Shared' which means the same Credential can be used for multiple employees.

Assigning a Credential to a Role is a good way of distributing these shared files. However take care that sensitve information is only given to the intended audience.

Credentials can also be 'Private' and only accessible to one employee. These can be added under the Employee Profile in the Employers Dashboard.

Juice HR's Employee Credentials
Viewing Employee Credentials in Juice HR Employers Dashboard
Juice HR's Employee Credential summary
The Employee Credential Summary in the Juice HR Employers Dashboard