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4 reasons to include HR in your security conversations

working together for a secure workplace

HR plays an important role in the security of your company, they are the channel between the IT security team and your staff.


Ensuring your security policies and procedures are delivered to your team. Clarifying questions when raised, dealing with disputes or disciplinary issues. Ensuring that the importance of security is communicated from the point of hire to the end of their employment.


Think about the number of documents that need to be signed for compliance reasons. You need to keep the paper trail and if necessary the evidence for your annual audit.

After day 1

Making sure annual security and data protection training is provided, that policies are reviewed, updated, and re-signed. They need to be working with your IT team on an ongoing basis to ensure security remains a focus for your staff.

Working together

HR and IT must be involved with any change of status for a staff member. Whether a promotion or termination, HR needs to ensure that IT is informed so system access can be revoked or changed, company assets returned and documentation issued and signed. Don’t let an employee leaving fall between the gap!

Make security a collaborative process. Let HR help engage staff & increase their willingness to support security protocols.

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Author: Sarah Cundle
This article was first published on July 12 2022
Last updated on April 21 2023